Thursday, 25 March 2010



Cannot believe how young we look in this picture!

Believe it or not, I'm 17 here (just), but Miss Panayi must have been fifteen! Oh how the times have changed! Look at us all wide eyed and innocent...not knowing all the potato fun we're going to embark on in a few years time!
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Thursday, 18 March 2010

So I finally took the plunge.

After months of resistance, I finally created a blog...a real one, that you can all read, which is a step away from my last attempt, when I decided that what I'd written was not for the eyes of the public...which kind of defeats the point of a blog. Oh well.

So welcome to my world, you might like it, you might not, but whatever outcome, you clicked on this link so it's your problem! I think I feel an evil laugh coming on...excuse me...

Okay, so time for a little background then. The name's Heather, I'm 19, nearly 20 (Eek!) and am studying English Literature SLASH Creative Writing at Edge Hill Univeristy. And that is because I love reading and writing. Writing especially. I've got so much weird stuff floating around this head of mine, that it'd be insane not to write it down. I'm currently working on a book, which I haven't named yet, but have redrafted about three times since 2008 without actually finishing it...apparently that's not good, so I'm really sticking with it this time. Even though it bears hardly any resemblence to the original plot whatsoever. So, look out for my work in a shop near you sometime around 2047.

As well as writing fiction, I write my own music. I'm a singer-songwriter like.
I'm a vocalist for a band called Dear Chicago, I'll link it in somewhere, when I properly work this out. I have no idea what genre we'd be classed in, probably somewhere between pop (although the rest of the band would probably kill me for saying that...sorry guys) and something else. All I know is that we're not indie, cos Sean (who plays rythym guitar) told me so. We've got some decent songs though, so you should come down to one of our gigs.

**********12th April, The Masque, Liverpool***********

Sorry about the shameless plug there!

So, now you know a bit about me, I'm sure you're looking forward to the first of my innane ramblings! Or maybe not...