Tuesday, 11 May 2010

2 decades old!

Hello blog!

Wish me a happy birthday, but hurry up, there's only six minutes left!

So, I'm finally 20...oh yes, that moment I began to dread on New Year's eve has finally dawned, I'm no longer a teenager...I can't blame anything on that anymore...I might even have to GROW UP. Nah.

Seeing as it doesn't feel any different, I'll stay the same, age is just a number after all, until you get to 25, and then by the X factor's standards, you become OLD. In the OVERS category. I'll panic then I think!

So, I celebrated last Saturday, no idea why, seeing as I had to take a day off work, and I do absolutely nothing on Wednesdays, but anyway, I took seven of my favourite people off to the Red Hot Buffet, which actually, puts a lot of spice in all the food, you'd think I'd guess from the name, but no, I didn't and the malibu and coke I ordered with my food was definitely not enough to suffice! And plus half of it was in my hair, which I was absolutely gutted about. Not even two sips and I trip over a bloody INVISIBLE step and send it all flying into my newly straightened/volumised/perfect hair, leaving it smelling of alcohol all night, feeling like I'd glued it, and by the end of the night looking pretty shabby. Why is it always my hair that pays the price? And just a note here, but whoever makes them stupid upwards dryers that are in all the posh toilets, they are no good for drying hair. At all. Fix it.

Anyway, so the food was alright, a bit spicy, but some people prefer it like that, so I won't complain, and it was really pretty in there! The only thing I'm gonna moan a little about is the service charge. I would've tipped anyway, I always do, but a little choice would have been nice. And I have no idea how we managed to work the money out wrong so many times, I guess out of the eight of us none of us can count. Andri went to Merchant Taylors, but she was in the toilet, I suppose I did 'higher tier' maths back in the old days, but that was four years ago, I've forgotten it all now, and plus, I have no idea how I ended up in that class anyway, but I do remember getting 8/40 on a mock paper once.

So, after food, we headed to Scream to meet Abbie, Hannah, Sarah, Day and Carver, and it was FREEZING. I remember really wishing I had a nice denim jacket at that point, I could've totally been rocking the double denim look instead of the ridiculously cold and goosebumpy one, and then people decided to stop and get money out, so we split up, to get two taxis, but then realised we'd split 6/2 rather than 4/4 so we'd have to wait for two anyway. So Danni, Andri, Vicki and Caroline got in the first one, and Me, Jess, Donna and Hope waited for another one, and had a bit of a race with a woman in a lovely red jacket (warm red jacket) for the next one. Danni phoned me to make sure we'd got a taxi, and asked, 'Are you in the one behind us?' to which I replied 'Is it a silver one?' (Psst, Heather, she doesn't know, she's INSIDE it). And then 'Are you by a load of trees?'
I think I was breathing in the malibu fumes from my hair.

Our taxi for some reason beat theirs to Scream even though they got in one like five minutes before us, and we found the others sitting by the door (always a good idea) and me and Hope went up to the bar, only for me to discover I didn't have ID, I had my work card. To give an idea of how COMPLETELY STUPID that is, here's a picture.


Hope bought my drinks for me to avoid this scenario:

"Any ID?"
"Yes, I am HEATHER *Flashes card*"

Seriously though, White card with bar code and name/Green card with a load of writing and terrible picture...how hard is it to pick the right one?

I got my Dad to bring my actual ID in. I love my Dad, how many people would actually do it? My Mum would just tell me to piss off or something. Thanks Dad :D

The next part of the night is pretty much a blur, but invloved a lot of walking, arguing over where to/not to go, and bumping into Phil from camp 2 years ago, oh, and tequila, which tequila virgin Vicki clearly did not appreciate. Followed by more walking, Danni leaving to go and see Jake, more walking, stopping, more walking, going to Baa Bar, not waiting in the queue, splitting up, and Me, Hope, Donna and Andri going to Chameleon where we drank cocktails and stole toilet roll. (Well actually, I can't drag Donna and Andri into that one, they were innocently dancing with two men with boss Afros at the time). We bumped into Casey and Jay a couple of times too.

So then it was to the K, where despite protesting for just about 365 days, I knew I'd end up in, but only after goodbyes to Donna and Hope, cos someone had work at seven (and still stayed out till like 2, I LOVE YOU HOPE!), and once we were up there, I just remember a lot of screaming, OH MY GOSH YOU'RE HERE! (Er, no way? It's not like they're out for your birthday or anything...) and then mucho dancing, and general merriment until the place shut, which is getting to be a bit of a habit of mine! Then I think we got talking to some people from Leeds waiting for taxis, and got home to morning sky, and me and Vicki saying we'd got to McDonalds for McMuffins at half ten.

Then I was woken up by by Mum, shouting me for tea. Oh well, you only turn 20 once!

Friday, 7 May 2010

Baa Bar...badddd

It's May!!!!!!

That means, end of term, Birthday, holiday and er, exam, but scratch that last one for a sec!

This is the first guilt free blog I've written in a while, I usually do them when I should be essay writing, but, oh yeah, none left! I love it :)

So, as promised, I'm gonna tell all about the Baa Bar gig, alright, I know probably an average of three people will read this, but I want to write it down anyway.

Soo, GREAT night...yeah, not really. I think it'll go down as one of those to look back and laugh at, but laughing's always good.

We got to sound check at half five, and I swear, I am never stressing out about a sound check again, because we didn't have ours (well, if you want to call it a sound check)until right before we went on, at about twenty to nine...there's three hours I'm never getting back! And then, the sound check wasn't actually a sound check, it was the first bloody song, unknown to any of us. So we 'sound checked' Jenny, like always, and then as it turned out, we just had to carry on with the set, so if anyone who was there actually ever reads this, for the record, turning round, and looking at the other guys like a rabbit in headlights isn't my stage thing or anything, I just thought they were going to stop halfway through and didn't want to be that idiot that carrys on when the music's stopped.

So after Jenny, we're told to just carry on. Cue a lot of arm waving, hand gestures, eyebrow manouvres and whining from me, I must have looked really peed off (which I was) because Danii came over to see what was wrong.

I'll tell you what was wrong, okay, Jenny's just a song, like the rest, but we have an order, seeing as Chris and Tom aren't onstage for the acoustics, we do them first, so that Chris and Tom don't have to leave the stage halfway through, then they join us for the covers, which are next. Then we play Jenny. And then Not About The Girls, that's just the way it is, for now at least until our new stuff is ready. We ALWAYS close with Not About The Girls, always have, but the order was messed up and we closed with the acoustics (which weren't actually acoustic) and Chris and Tom did have to leave the stage halfway through.

So after Jenny, I was pretty annoyed, and I think you could probably tell if you watched me, (sorry), and I think it threw the others as well, because it wasn't exactly the best we've ever played. But, it was nobody's fault, we only knew about the gig two days before, and had no practice time in between (which is pretty important)!

So now, no more gigs until July, really this time. I've written loads of lyrics recently, and the others have wrote loads too, so we should have loads of good material by then, and maybe I won't end up getting completely drunk and fall down the stairs next time.

Seriously, drink is not the answer, if you play a bad gig, let it lie. I have a graze on my knee to show for my stupidity!