Monday, 16 August 2010

Okay, I think we've all learnt by now, that when I use the word 'tomorrow' it can actually mean any time up to two months later. In this instance it means a week.

So, to recap, day 1 at seniors 1, I went to a meeting with Dear Chicago (whose lineup has changed AGAIN, may I add...more on that in about three tomorrows), drove past camp, got lost in Angelsey, and finally got there. And now, I've forgotten where post #1 ended, so excuse me, I have to go back and check.

Ah yes, I'd just arrived.

So basically, I haven't even STARTED on day one yet.

So, Andri greets me as I get to camp, just missing a walk to the beach, due to my lateness/lostness, and shows me our room in the BRAND NEW CHALETS. Seriously, compared to previous years, this was, like the Hilton. Our own bathroom and everything! Wowzer. Also, this was the first time in four years I'd taken a bottom bunk, which was a bit of a bummer, but only for half a second. We all usually hang out on the bottom bunks anyway, except these brand spanking new bunkbeds had a lower top bunk than the old ones, so we actually couldn't and took to hanging out on the floor...

The first thing I noticed about our wardrobe (which was actually an alcove) was that hanging up, slap band in the middle, at least, that's how my memory recalls, was my blue stripey shirt dress, except it couldn't be, because it was currently in my case...MAJOR FASHION DISASTER. It turned out to be Carolines, and not only, had she bought, brought, and got dibs on the dress, she also only paid a TENNER in the sale, compared to however much I spent on mine at Christmas...and mine has a weird curry (I hope) stain on it. If she brings hers to inters, maybe I could cunningly switch them...if she doesn't read this...muahahahahaha., oh yeah...

So me and Andri go and find the others, playing pool and table tennis (the source of many laughs through the week) and everything's grand. I don't actually think too much happened on the first night, maybe someone will refresh my memory. It's weird because I always usually remember everything. Maybe I'm getting old...oh well.


Monday, 9 August 2010

In Retrospect-Seniors 1 2010

Okay, so my last post was a bit higgeldy piggeldy. Let me explain. I was in a mood, and I just needed to write something.

So, I figured I should probably post my write up of camp, seeing as it was awesome and what not. So, this post is my little week long diary (from retrospect).

But first, I must mention my beloved Dear Chicago, I promise it's relevant!

So, Day one, (not quite) in the MCYC house...

Have you ever woke up at 5am?
I did. I had a gig the night before, in Badformat, and we went out afterwards, I must have got in about three, so that equals about two messed up hours of sleep. Once I woke up, my mind was racing, and I was lying there in the light having some not so nice thoughts, so I decided to just get up and pack (Yes, I still needed to pack, what you gonna do? I got there in the end...)

And for once, everything fitted in okay! I mean, alright, looking back I'd forgotten a towel, which usually takes up a lot of room, and my favourite jeans, but I SWEAR I put them in there. I am pretty much 100% convinced that Mum took them out while I was out to make room for the waterproof jacket I used a total of one time. On the way back. For twenty minutes, forgetting to put it back in, but it doesn't matter. I managed alright without them. I finished packing about 8am, and had two hours to spare before Liam came a-knocking for our all important meeting, so I watched some TV, fell back asleep at nine, and woke up at ten to ten (COWBOY TIME) and realised I had ten minutes till I was leaving.

So, when everyone else was heading out to the coach, I was heading out to the Crowne Plaza hotel with the band, for a meeting. For once, I was on time, along with Sean and Liam, and we waited by Moorfields for the others.

To cut a long story short, the meeting was about The Breakout Festival, which we'll be playing at, so come on down!

10th September 2010, Tickets £7 Adv, £9 on the night, In the Cavern, 14+
Contact me, bring everyone you can, and vote for Dear Chicago!
It's gonna be epic!

So anyway, my Dad picked me up from the meeting, complete with KFC, pillow, and all my stuff, and we set of for camp! The others had arrived just before I left, according to Rachel, and I was texting Caroline everytime I passed somewehere significant, except, I fell aslepp, and then, I stopped passing significant places, and realised something was wrong. Plus the little dot on my Iphone map was getting further and further away, so my Dad stopped at a little shop, and asked where Pwllheli was.

"You'll have to get off the island first."

Apparently, we were in Angelsey. Obviously. This seems to happen everytime my Dad drives anywhere in Wales. He's never been on purpose. No idea how. There's a massive bridge that you have to drive over to get to Angelsey.

SO, the two hour journey became a four hour journey. We got to Pwllheli, and asked a woman for directions to the Haven, because I knew how to get to camp from there, and got the reply:

"I've lived her all my life...but I've never been..."

After she'd beckoned my Dad out of the car, because she couldn't hear properly. 'I don't know, sorry' would have been fine by me!

So then we asked a man in a car, and he said to turn right at the roundabout. When we got to the roundabout:

Dad: I think we should go left
Me: But the man said to go right!
Dad: But what if he hates English people?


So, I convinced my Dad to go right, which turned out to be the right way, and then we drove around for another half an hour, because camp is very well hidden, and my map kept telling me to 'take next left 250 metres' which stopped existing after the first one. Seriosuly, google, just give up, stop lying!

We got there in the end, and I think my Dad was glad to be rid of me for a week, after the eventful journey...and I decided to leave my umbrella and wellies in the car, because it was sunny, and I didn't want to jinx it...any guesses for how that plan turned out?

Part 2 tomorrow...xx

Driving BACK to Wales, over the bridge.

Friday, 6 August 2010

So much for that Heatwave!

I can't believe for once we actually get a 100 degrees summer!
No really, I can't, because erm, I believe we were promised a heatwave? Where is it? Anyone know?

No, me either.

To be fair, June was quite hot, as I can clearly remember spending many a band practice in front of a fan that was just moving the hot air around, and having disgusting sweaty hair. TMI? Oh well.

But July? No no no. More like October. Honestly, I wore a jumper the other day.

So, as promised in my last post, the O2 gig.

It was a while ago now, as in, almost a month ago, but it was brilliant. Definitely worth the wait. I was so nervous beforehand, and accidentally shouted at Chris before we went on, but we were brill. I got THE BUZZ! And the crowd were really good to us. I wish I'd written this sooner actually, so I could remember more, but the buzz lasted for days, and I wrote a song from it. Donna actually cried with pride on my Dad's shoulder!

(Me and Donna)

I just now wanna say thanks to everyone who came! It was one of the best nights of my life so far. And the night out afterwards was hillarious!

So there's the good bit!

Since the gig we've had a few more, and on the day we got some great news in the form of an AMAZING opportunity, in the form of The Breakout Festival.

Everyone who reads this needs to get themselves down to The Cavern on the 10th September, and vote for us, so we can progress to the next round and become a step closer to playing an actual music festival in the Maldives and potentially get signed by an actual record company, and stay on an ACTUAL YAUGHT (Think I have my priorities the right way round there...:P)

So since then, I've spent a week at camp as well!
I love that place so much, seriously, I'd live there if I could. I was contemplating hiding under one of the chalets when the coach was boarding, but we had a gig the next day and I couldn't let the guys down!

Seriously though, it was a bit odd feeling this year, like the first few days didn't feel like camp at all, and we were all feeling a bit mehhh, but in the end, the week really made me think things through and evaluate everything, and I'm on a slightly different track now.

I loved sharing a room for the week with the girls too! Abbie, Andri, Caroline, Rach and Lora are the best roomies ever! I love it cos we're all so different, and lead completely different lives, and outside of camp, we don't all see each other too much, but as soon as we get there, we're like sisters. I've renamed them my soul sisters now, because the song Hey Soul Sister by Train was pretty much the song of the week!

Anyway, it's late, and I have work in the morn! I shall post part 2 sometime soon!