Friday, 30 April 2010


Okay, so when I said, 'I'll write tomorrow about the gig' (or something to that effect), I actually meant, 'I'll write a week later about the gig and various other things.'

So first things first, the Mojo gig.

It was alright. It wasn't the worst gig I've done by a long shot, yes, Windsor after Barfly/Zanzibar I mean you, and yes, The Cavern AKA Heather-here's-a-song-we-wrote-yesterday-I-know-we're-on-in-an-hour-but-just-take-the-lyrics-on-stage-with-you-it'll-be-fine, I mean you as well. But I think it may have been behind those two, for one thing I couldn't hear myself at all, and think I may have ended up battling with the guitars to be heard, resulting in some very shouty covers. Also, the fact that I went straight to Donna's to get ready from Uni and was already rushing when I got a stressed phonecall from Chris saying I needed to be there NOW when I only had one half of an eye made up and wasn't even half ready, with wet nail varnish, and horrible uni hair, well that kind of made me a tad hulk like. I've apologised to everyone I might have terrified in that hour, but I'll do it again now, I AM SO SORRY, like really. Sorry for being a bitch. I'm not usually a bitch.

So, I tried really hard to keep still while Hope put my face on, while Jess simutaneously straightened my hair (which was horribly flat, Donna was going to volumise it but no time...or so we thought), and tried not to be too horrible because those guys are all my friends and I was really grateful for them all supporting me, even if I didn't show it...and then we phoned two taxis, one of which took about half an hour to come, we could have walked there in less time, and the other which didn't come so Danni, Andri and Jake had to walk anyway.

Anyway, I finally got to Mojo, squinted round for the band, expecting them to be fuming, and on stage or something, but all was well! We hadn't even soundchecked yet!!!!!! :/ In fact, we didn't soundcheck for about an hour and a half after I got there, so I could have had fab hair and not shouted at everyone. No idea why people thought we were going to have a disaster, with no singer, but there you go.

So the actual set, me and Sean opened with an acoustic cover of Last Nite by The Strokes, then performed my favourite of ours, Love In The Eyes of A Lonely Hearted Girl (Just so you know, I didn't come up with that title, I'm far too macho for that), and they went well, apart from a bit in Last Nite when I thought we'd finished, and Sean didn't (I suppose that's what happens when you come up with a song the night before and don't practice ever) but people said nice things anyway, and I caught Andri singing along to Love In The Eyes.

After the acoustics, the rest of the band joined us on stage, and we did the covers first, which personally, I hated. The verses in Lost In Stereo are pretty low down in my range, and it really could have done with some backing vocals, which I thought were gonna be there. The Great Escape was okay, I just felt like I had to shout a lot over the music, just to hear if I was in tune or not.

Jenny and Not About The Girls were good. Everyone did really well with their solos, especially Liam on the drums. I think that was actually my favourite part of the whole set, but overall on our songs, I think there was better energy and all of us really got into them. Especially NATG. So yeah, good gig. And Hope was brilliant as the photographer, I haven't saw the pictures properly yet, because it's everyone's last week in uni, and we both have millions of essay dealines, but she really put in the effort, getting into tiny little corners and stuff to make sure she got everyone on, and doing the group photos afterwards. And she did it for free. It's not like she was obliged to do it or anything, but I bet they'll be our best pictures so far.

So we've got another one on Sunday now, we were meant to be taking a break to write until July, but this one came up, so looks like we're doing it! It'll most probably be the same set, considering we don't have lyrics for the new song yet, in fact I haven't heard it yet, but Chris and Liam both said it was sick, and I believe them :P, so maybe the covers will be decent this time. I want us to be amazing, and I know how well everyone can play, so there's no reason for us not to be good, if we get a good sound. Still can't wait for July 10th though, by then we should have some really good new songs, and will be completely used to playing together, as long as there are no major changes in true Dear Chicago style!

You know what, this is a pretty long post, so I'll prattle on about everything else another time. Probably after the Baa Bar gig, or when I should be doing an assignment (like right now).

Ahh! I forgot! I just wanna thank everyone for coming down to support us, I really appreciate it.

Mum, Dad, Donna, Jess, Andri, Danni, Jake, Alex, Day, Kev, you're all the best!

Danii, amazing manager
Hope, amazing photographer

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Liverpool, Ormskirk and Back Again!

Okayy, so today, Thursday 22nd April 2010, is officially the busiest day of my year so far! And this morning I got lost, hopefully not a sign for the rest of the day!

Soo, this morning, I toddled off to the Liverpool World Museum, not holding out much hope, I mean, without it, I could have had an extra couple of hours in bed, before my lecture this afternoon (Okay, I would have been up in uni instead but let's just forget that for a second...) and I missed the train, or you know, two trains. Note to anyone who ever has to wake me up...half an hour before I have to leave will not work, I need to press snooze at least twice before I'm fit to function. Anyway, then I had to sort all my stuff out for later, seeing as I'm going straight to the wonderful Donna's from uni, which is a challenge when your room resembles a demolition site. (My Auntie Sue actually got me a door hanger once that read 'Warning! Demolition site! C'etait moche. Okay, it was quite funny, but so...)
So, there I was, packed bag, made up face, awful wavy hair (cue hat), and ready to leave, and it was only half past 9! Except no, it wasn't, it was twenty to ten.

So, after being stuck behind the slowest people on the escalator, I finally got into Liverpool, (Liverpool? Since when have I used Liverpool when I mean town? I guess uni's affecting me!)

FINALLY I get to the Museum, which I struggled to find, cos all the big buildings round there look the same, and I nearly walked into the Library next door, it was only when I was turning in, did I see the big lit up, multicoloured MUSEUM sign...sigh. And museums are pretty big, I had no idea where everyone else was, so I just kept walking up stairs. In the end I wrote an emergency status on facebook, on the offchance someone from my course would see it and help me, but then Nicki rang and told me they were in the bug section.

So between now and 6th May I have to write a short story on something that inspired me from the museum, and I have a problem because the main thing sticking out in my mind is the stick insects.

Me; Wow, is that one?
Hayley: No, that's just a stick...that's a stick insect
Me (thinking): They look exactly the do you know?

Anyway, that was my morning, if you want to know what else happened, I got inside a stem, became an Anglo Saxon and smelt virtual flowers. No doubt I'll be back tomorrow with an update of how my gig went!

Monday, 19 April 2010

The April Blues

Okay, I confess. Out of them all, April is probably one of my favourites. It's when the sun usually decides to shine, we get Easter holidays, and it's my Birthday soon, but as with most things, there is a downside. FRIGGIN ESSAY DEADLINES.

In the same way May is let down by exams, April is packed full of essay deadlines and revision malarky. And in the last four Aprils, my laptop has packed in three times. Well, I say laptop, but I mean laptops. I ended up with a new (and seemingly invincible) laptop after the nervous breakdown enducing time that was April 2008. Turns out, laptop number 2 is not invincible after all, it was just saving itself so it could pack in at THE MOST INCONVENIENT time of all. I have an essay due in in two days man! One that counts for either 60 or 70% of my module. Either way it's not looking good, and I am sat here typing this on the slowest Computer in the world. (Okay, that's an exaggeration, but it is shocking after becoming so used to my poor laptop.

Anyway, I got up early today, especially with the aim of getting this essay done, but within seconds I realised, 'Oh yeah, the laptop packed in last night!' So I took out my frustration on the treadmill, whilst ringing around most people I know asking for a Windows Installation Disk, which doesn't seem to exist.

So, in total, I have spent twelve hours in the Computer room today, listening to the same songs off my Iphone, before resorting to listening to the best of 2002-2008 (only 2008 because I downloaded a load of stuff last time I resorted to this PC), reading old stories I'd written, wishing people Happy Birthday on facbook and post it noting my research material. Oh yeah, and now posting this.

I need to do some actual work, but I can't bring myself to start all over again!

Bring on May. I don't care if I'm going to be a twenty something anymore, as long as I have a laptop and no essays!

Oh, btw, this song is 'mazin. Downloaded it off itunes last night right before my laptop died. There goes 99p!

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Men :(

Okay, I'll admit it. I'm a big fat stinking MAN. Except, I'm not big or fat, and I don't think I smell.

Turns out though, apart from my love of all things girly, like teddies, make up, dresses and high heels, I'm a lot more manly than many of the supposed 'men' I know.

I've always been an emotional wreck when handed a good old chick flick, and I've always been a sucker for the quiet and sensitive type, but recently UGH. No. GET SOME BALLS! STOP being so damn WET! Please don't agree with me because it's easier than getting into a heated debate on date #2...FYI, I like a good old debate. Sure, you might really really like that girl, she might make you smile, but is there any need at all to put it in such wussy terms?

Please, for the sake of humanity, men, man up!

Because as much as equality is great, and well in to the Suffragette's getting us the vote and all, but it doesn't mean men have to get all ladylike on us. We can do that perfectly fine on our own.