Thursday, 30 December 2010

Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011!

Okay, so rather than post a load of blog posts nobody will read, I've decided to post a quick sum up of my year, survey style (that nobody will read), courtesy of Nadine07 on, complete with a few songs that have featured prominently in my year, you know, cos I love my music!

Don't Stop Believing, The Journey Version, to start with, I like the Glee version too, but it's not the same. This more or less reminds me all the good times out with my friends in late 09, early 10. Actually, ALL of 09, and most of 2010. Probably gonna look back on this with fond memories forever :)

What Happened In the Past Year???

How many relationships were you in? A few dates, and a few potentials, but nothing lasting any longer than a month! Maybe that's just the way I am...

What did you do for Valentine's day? I worked! How romantic...

Did you recieve your driver's license? This I did! Heather is now moblie! I never thought I'd get there, and I had a bit (a lot) of a breakdown waiting to go in for the test, (to the point my instructor offered to drive me home), but I passed! 3 minors! Now just to get my own car...

Did you graduate high school? Nope! Did that a while back.

Did you graduate college? Also, no :)

Did you move out on your own? No, there were vague plans to, but still with Mum and Dad!

Did you get arrested? No :)

Did you get a speeding ticket? No, and hopefully I don't next year either

What was the best thing you got for Christmas? My coat :) It's really thick and warm!

Next up, is Bad Romance! I've totally loved Lady Gaga this year, as have most people, she's absolutely insane, and I disagree with a lot of stuff she does, but she makes some fab music, and can be such an inspiration (like with the Don't Ask Don't Tell thing), I see her as a bit ironic, which I don't know is right or not, but I love how she uses her fame to get her opinions across. This song made me happy at the start of 2010 when I was a bit down, and I haven't looked back :)

Did you fall in love? Not really, 09 wasn't my year for love, although I did have someone on my mind for a long time, longer than I should have, and for what reason I really don't know. I guess some people just get you, nothing ever came of it, and I don't know if he even knew, but I wasted a lot of brainspace on that one!

Did you become an aunt or an uncle? No brothers or sisters!

Did you have a baby? No, but I know a lot of people who did!

Did you get engaged? Nope

Did you get married? Nope

Did someone close to you die? No, thank God.

How many funerals did you go to? None. Let's hope this continues.

How many weddings? None! But I know a few people who got married!

Did you turn 18? Try two years ago!

Did you turn 21? Try next year!

Did you turn 30? No, not for another ten!

Did you have a car accident? Nope :)

Next song, and a bit of a saddo moment for me. This guy's called Alex Lambert, and he was voted off just before the finales in American Idol this year, he has an amazing little voice, but a lot of stage fright. I was pretty peed off when he didn't get through, and kinda boycotted the series (not through bitterness, just because I wasn't amazed enough to sit through anyone else's performances) and this song is still on my Ipod now. I hope he gets to release it himself one day.

Were you old enough to vote this year? Yeah, and I did, but the Tories still won in the end. Don't. Blame. Me.

How many jobs did you have throughout the year? One, still in that good old shop, just spent my fourth Christmas there!

Did you get a new pet? No, Ozzy's insane enough for me!

Did you get cheated on? Nope

Did you cheat on someone? No

Did you start at a new school? No

Did you make any new friends? Yeah quite a few throughout the year, Danii, who managed Dear Chicago shared many hillarious times with me, and her friend Sammie's a sweetie too! In uni I became a lot closer to people I already knew, and count them among my hand now too, and I'm sure there's more, I love friends, keep em coming!

Did you get a new car? No, but I can drive my Mum and Dad's now :)
(In KFC, the day I passed)

Good Times, by Roll Deep is a typical night out song, and I've had plenty of brilliant ones this year. I love the fun, lighthearted nature of the song, and it ALWAYS gets me in the mood for friends, dancing and fun!

Did you drastically change your hairstyle? I coloured it a few times, but nothing compares to when I tried to cut myself a rather fetching fringe, after I'd just woken up, and with ten minutes before I had to leave for Uni.

This was taken about an hour after I did it. Note the amount of hairspray and clips keeping it glued to my head.

Did you go out of the country? Yeah, to Cyprus, to visit my Auntie and Uncle with my Mum and Auntie Sue. In May. It rained. I sulked. It was really nice though, and brought me and Mum a lot closer :), also, it brought me to the realisation that I inherited my Dad's Irish skin.

(Me, with my Auntie Anne, my Mum, and My Auntie Sue. Notice their tans, then notice my lack thereof).

Also, I went to camp twice, which is technically out of the country being in Wales and all, and I went to Angelsey by mistake (again).

Did you keep your last New Year's resolution? I think it was to lose weight (nope), and to be happier, and live for the moment (yep), so 50/50's not bad!

What was the best movie you saw in theaters? Totally Harry Potter, even though it was only last week, so much better than the first six! The worst movie I saw was called 'Everybody's Fine' but should have been called 'Everybody's Crap.'

What was the best book you read? The Shack, although I still haven't finished it. Once I get to Uni, there's no time for non-course books :(

What was your greatest accomplishment? Probably passing my Driving Test!

I loved 'Hey Soul Sister' before it was even on the radio here, it's just so happy and catchy, but it became one of the songs of the summer, when it got played and played everywhere when I was at seniors one. It came on in the Pub in Port Maddog and Andri said she'd never heard it, by the end of the week she was singing along. One of the groups even rejigged it for their panto, 'Hey Sleeping Beauty'. Fab song.

I my head I renamed the camp girls my soul sisters because we were singing this all week! Although I don't see them as much as my other friends (with the exception of Andri, who I probably see the most out of anyone), these girls actually are like sisters to me, and I couldn't imagine not knowing them now! I love how we can not see each other for six months or so, and then share a room so easily for a week, knowing every single thing about each other! These girls were like my family for that week in July <3

I can't mention camp, without this song either, it's called 'You're Beautiful' by Phil Wickham, and featured pretty prominently in both weeks, but especially Inters 3 week.

I remember being up on stage leading Worship, and trying to be all professional and calm because everybody could see me, but the song just gets me everytime. Not trying to be preachy here, because I know a lot of people I know aren't too Spiritual, but everytime I hear the line about Jesus on the cross, it just engulfs me, and makes me think. I don't even know why it makes me so emotional, but it does, and I know it gets a lot of people in the same way, and I love the fact that I got to stand up on that stage and look out over a hundred people being inspired.

What was the best cd released this year? Erm, I dunno really, I've spotified a lot! I did buy most of Taylor Swift's new album, and it's got some pretty decent music on it, although the lyrics can get a bit samey and some of them I'm a bit, ughh, at. Like Speak Now. Of course she didn't invite you to her wedding Taylor, you want to steal her husband. Argh.

Did you get a new tattoo? No, I wanted one for ages though, but I'm over that now. Maybe if something really touches me, I'll want to represent it, but for now, I like my skin nice and naked!

A new piercing? Yes...I got my nose pierced, at Seniors One, in Wales, then I knocked it, and it went all horrible, and I took it out at Inters 3. I'm glad I did it, because I always wanted one, but now, I like my nose better like this.

Are you still dating the same person you dated at the start of the year? I wasn't dating anybody, same applies now.

The Lasts of the Past

How old were you on your last birthday? Twenteen, and I celebrated with the best :)

Who was your last kiss? It was drunken, and because we shared lecturers. According to Jess, I have weird standards. Maybe less of that next year...he was nice enough though :)

Who was the last person to tell you "I love you"? My Mum, before she went back to bed. I'm a sweetie like that!

Who was the last person you spoke to in person? My Mum, before she went to bed! Before her it was Caro, Abbie, Andri, Rach and Lora.

Who was your last missed call? Hmm, the honour goes to...Hope!

Who was your last phone call to? Lora :)

What was the last movie you watched? Cheaper By The Dozen 2, cos it was on the TV. Love that film though!

The last song you heard? You're Beautiful, because I played it when I stuck it up there!

The NEXT song I'm going to listen to though, is another Gaga one, Dance In The Dark, one of her album tracks. I really wish she'd used this as a single actually, there's something really cool about it, like a kind of sisterhoodly message. I played and played it on repeat when I was trying and failing to get a tan in Cyprus. At least I got to lie on a massive hammock!

The last book you read? The Ice People, by Maggie Gee, for Creative Writing.

The last place you went? The Buffet Star, then Woody's with the camp girls :) Had a fabulous time!

The last time you cut your hair? About two months ago when I tried myself!

The color of the last shirt your wore? Blue

The last person you hugged? Caroline

The last thing you bought? A drink, double vodka and coke, to be exact.

The last time you went to the doctor? About a month ago, for blood tests. I hate seeing blood...I'd make a terrible doctor.

The last time you went swimming? I actually think it was in the sea at camp, there are pictures, but they're terrible!

There are actually a lot of Paramore songs I could put here, but I chose this one because of the time we sat in band practice for about an hour trying and failing to cover this, mainly because of Sean putting a cymbal case on his head and being hillarious. One of the funniest moments of the year, probably only exceeded by the Bat moment, which invloved me, dying for the loo, four or five heads stacked in a doorway, screaming at me that there was a bat flying round the chalet, and to 'go and get a man', me running hysterically across the field, unable to breathe, or wee, laughing too much, being escorted to Jo's closer toilet while the girls stood there completely confused, getting the Pastor Nick to help, which he translated aas run over to the chalet with a toy cricket bat. I still to this day don't know if he just thought we wanted a bat, or if he knew there was an actual live flying bat, but it's the most hysterical moment of my life so far. Jess has a video of me re-enacting it too.

The last game you played? Charades, in my dining room, badly with Andri, Hope and Danni.

The last person's house you went to? Erm, my Nan's I think. I'm usually the hostess out of my friends!

The last un-related guy you hung out with? I actually have no idea, there's been so much family stuff going on this week! Probably one of the guys from the youth, apart from Lora's boyfriend.

The last un-related girl you hung out with? Caroline, Abbie, Andri, Rach and Lora :)

The last family member you hung out with? My Dad, I think.

The last movie you saw in theaters? Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 1 :)

This song's featured a lot in my Winter, whether it's been dancing angrily to it with Andri, or driving and singing along loudly on the way back from the youth. Love it.

(Sorry about the subtitles, the normal version wouldn't embed)!

I first heard this song when Lacey Brown covered it on American Idol this year, and thought it was nice, but forgot about it pretty quickly. I heard it again when I was flicking through spotify a couple of months back, and haven't had it off since, I love the passion Brandi Carlisle puts into it, and it's really beautiful. I hope I get the chance to cover it one day :)

The last time you went to Walmart? Never been to America, but went to Asda regularly for some reason when I just passed my driving test. I know how to drive there really well!

The last time you went to Burger King? When we were waiting for a taxi that wasn't coming after a night out. I hate Burger King ever since I ate one every day on holiday in Benidorm when I was about nine. Disasterous consequences.

The last time you went on vacation? To Camp, if it counts.

The last restaurant you went to? The Buffet Star

The last thing you ate? Chinese food!

The last thing you drank? Vodka and coke

I'm gonna fill this in, if I can, after New Year, based on two things:

1. If I can edit after so long
2. If I actually remember, if you've sat through the whole of this, I'm sure you know what I'm like by now.

The last song for my 2010 blog is Dynamite, by Taio Cruz. It gets me u everytime, and it was on before, it's just such a feelgood song, and I love dancing with my friends to it, and singing along ridiculously badly.

Thank you 2010, for being so good to me, hope it continues into the new year!

Okay, here we go, about ten days late, as usual!

The Firsts of the New Year...(I'm gonna keep this bit simple, I don't know half the answers because of all the wine and sours and vodka).
Who was the first person you kissed? As in Happy New Year kisses? I dunno actually.
Who was the first person you told "I love you" to? Probably one of the girls
Who was the first person you spoke to? Alex's Mum I think!
Who was your first phone call to/from? Erm, Andri
Where was the first place you went? Was at Alex's house, apart from that, The Youth
What was the first thing you bought? Food, probably
Who was the first person to wish you "Happy New Year!"? Not too sure!
What was the first thing you ate? Cupcake
The first thing you drank? Either WKD or Amaretto and coke
What color was the first shirt you wore? My Pj top. It's the comfiest thing EVER.
What were the first shoes you wore? Nude heels. They weren't very nude by the end of the party.
What was the first electronic (not computer or cell) device you used? Erm, kettle?
What was the first movie you watched? Burlesque. Wanna cookie? :')
What was the first song you heard? I honestly have no idea.
Who was the first girl you hung out with? Danni/Andri/Hope
Who was the first guy? Damien and Day
The first relative? My Mum
What was the first thing you did when it became the new year? Said 'Happy New Year'
What the Future Year Has In Store
What are you most looking forward to in the New Year? Loads. It's looking to be an exciting one!
Are you getting married this year? No
Are you expecting a child? No
Will you be getting a new job? Don't think so
Will you be starting a new school? In a sense
Will you be moving to a new place? Possibly!
Will you get your driver's license this year? Nope
Will you turn 18? Nope
Will you turn 21? YES! Bring it on!
Will you turn 25? No
Will you turn 30? No
Will you turn 40? No
Are you going on a vacation this year? Yes! Even if I have to kidnap people in my suitcase, yes.
What movie are you most looking forward to coming out this year? Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2
What book? Er, dunno
What music albumn? Lady Gaga-Born This Way
Do you expect to find love this year? I don't expect to, no. It'd be nice though.
Did you make a New Year's resolution? Get fit, and do a good deed every day
Have you kept it so far? Ish, had a Maccies today, but it's fixable!
Will you be going to a wedding this year? Possibly
Will you get a new car? Hopefully!
Will you buy a house this year? Not buy no, I'm a student!
Do you expect to be with the same person at the end of the year? Single? Probably
Are you starting the year off single? Yeah
What do you most want to happen this year? Have loads of good times
What are you most excited about this year? Holiday!

Sunday, 26 December 2010

Happy Christmas!

So, I've been away from here for a while, lots and lots of essays needed to be written, plus not a lot of interesting stuff's been happening really!

Still nothing on the band scene, except for a couple of work in progresses, but I've found that nothing ever usually goes to plan in winter anyway, Summer is totally where it's at! New year, new band :)

Hope everyone's had a good Christmas anyway, I have, apart from the water going off dead early on Christmas morning, and not reappearing till dinner time, and having to walk all the way to my Nan's because of the's not that far, only about fifteen minutes, but I haven't walked there since I was little, and I swear it took longer then! If they hadn't turned the field behind ours into houses, we could've cut across dead quick!

Christmas always brings surprises, and this year for me, it was my cousin's heavily pregnant girlfriend sitting on my Nan's couch! I swear, my Dad never tells me anything. Everyone else knew! And I didn't know how much I was supposed to know, so I couldn't ask any questions in case I gave the game away! I love finding out baby stuff, how far along, do you kow the sex, any names etc. The only thing I found out was 'it's the same baby in her belly from Grandad's party, Jamie thought it was a different one.' I love my cousins. Even the ones my Dad's probably forgotten to tell me I have. Slightly crapping myself now though, because there's only two more age wise before me who haven't had any yet!

Anyway, between now and New Year, I'm gonna post my year in pictures (possibly gonna get difficult around July, due to the breakage, secret buyage and apparent breakage of cameras). I seem to be one of the only ones who's really enjoyed 2010, but I hope 2011 brings a couple of things. I'm excited :)

Heather MWAH xxxxxx

(If you want, follow me on twitter, I'm trying to get into it...@Heatherhevs)