Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Summer is here, I got my Beer...

Except I don't have to sing those lyrics anymore :)

I can't believe it's June already! The year's gone so fast, but it's been a good'un :), although I've been harbouring this weird feeling that I've changed quite a bit since December! Not sure if it's good or bad yet, but I think I may just have grown up :o

Soo, summer means lots of things...

1. No Uni

And I still haven't finished my finance for next year. I panicked when I was reminded about it, I really did, and I promised myself I'd do it when I got home, but so many other things have been going on, and I just keep forgetting. I need to do it, I really do, but right now I don't even want to spend two seconds thinking about studying Milton and Blake, and Shakey in September. I would rather sit in a bathtub filled with spiders. Why oh why did I pick English lit? Anyone know? Tenner if you get the right answer? I have no idea...

2. Holidays!

Soo, I'm fresh from Cyprus, but I was basically glued to a hammock for a week. Not much exploring done there, and I want to see the world! Shame I'm only going to Wales twice at the moment then.

No really, I can't wait. Camp's always hilarious, and now we have ensuite bathrooms! No more cold showers...maybe. And it'll be cool to spend a week with the Abbie, cos she's always always working now, and I haven't saw Rach and Lora for a while, and cannot wait to catch up, if Lora's even still going. Her life's pretty exciting right now! And of course Andri will be there, and Caro.

But to go back as a leader, someone responsible for other people's (rather big) kids is a bit scary! I'm sure I'll cope, and I'm really excited to branch out and see what happens.

#3 Band stuff

It's weird, but summer always means music. Last year the old band split up in September, so the winter was pretty dull in that respect, I did join Liam's new project but that kinda faded into obscurity very quickly, and even though Dear Chicago have been together since January, summer still means music to me. Maybe that's because it's pretty much all I did last summer.

We've got the gig in the O2 on the 10th July that we've been focusing on since April, and then Danii's getting us more. It's fortunate that we're all either staying put, or going away at the same time.

The 10th's looking to be really good, as long as we really focus from like, now. I have no idea how we managed to be in practice for 2 hours yesterday before even going over a song, but we can't keep doing that. And Liam, if you read this, (which I doubt) FIND THAT AMP! How in the world do you lose an amp? Even if it's only a little one? I was so stressed out yesterday it was unbelievable. And we need a band meeting. And not one like last time where nothing really got sorted out.

#4-Lie ins

Which means nights out (if money allows), nuff said :D

Gonna update soon, gonna go and celebrate Hope's 20th now!