Monday, 5 July 2010

Love In The Eyes...

Soo, that gig that seemed so far away is five days away. What? And still we're not referring to our songs by their actual names. The delay one, Drop D, and the acoustic's alright for the others, but I've got to remember the actual names to say them on stage! And I'm not currently sure what the name of one of them's either

A) The Story of A Lonely Hearted Girl
B) Love In The Eyes of A Lonely Hearted Girl
C) Love In The Eyes
D) Lonely Hearted Girl

I guess whatever comes out of my mouth on Saturday is the actual name from now on!

I'm supposed to be driving there, because...oh yeah, I PASSED MY TEST! But Dad's being all arsey about it and has changed his mind back and forth, and back and forth. It'd be so much easier for everyone, especially me, given that I'm working all day before and after!

We've built this gig up so much, for what reason I'm not too sure. But I can't wait! I've sold so many tickets as well, I can't wait to just get up there and nail it! Especially after Baa Bar. No matter what anyone says, that, plus the time in The Cavern with the Fretz is the low point of my musical career so far. And I can't bury a bad performance behind drink this time, I'm in work at ten the next day!

We're sounding good though. It's definitely the most ready we've been, and we've got a brilliant set. I can't wait for everyone to hear our new one, 'What Goes Around Comes Around', and the long complicated title one as mentioned above has had a non-acoustic makeover.

I'm seriously psyched up! And of course I shall update with how it goes, as per usual.

Chow! xxx