Monday, 13 September 2010

Summer 2010-Best EVER

...has been a busy one!
Lack of continuity on the old blog probably summed this up!
But seeing as I have all of 2 people following this, I'm sure they'll cope!

So September's here. And so much has changed since the last time I set food in the corridors of Edge Hill!

I actually think I've grown up (yes, me!) during the summer. Apparently I've shrunk height wise though, according to my youth group. 4"9. Nah, I don't think so. Five foot and A BIT. That's why I can go on the rides at Blackpool.

So, the summer's been eventful! Loads of gigs, some amazing, and some not so amazing...yes Badformat, I mean you. Two trips over to camp, both of which were eye opening to say the least! The first, I can't remember much of the first few days, I can't really distinguish them which is unusual, but it really really affected me, and gave me a clear view of what I should be doing, and what I shouldn't.

The second, well, was really moving. I was so scared before going to Aberech that week, I should have been going with my cousin Caroline, but she had to pull out last minute, and let me tell you, I was terrified I was going to be completely alone, especially because most of the other leaders already knew each other really well, but I wasn't at all. In fact, when I got home, it hit me how strange it was not to have at least ONE person there, chatting away to me. I feel really blessed to have spent a week working with them all, and of course, with the campers! I found the age range pretty daunting as well, 12-15, especially when some of the boys looked older than I do, but every single one of those people made my week a little bit, and me and Cath had the sweetest group of girls. Even if our group did only make it to fourth place. Out of four. Oh well, there's always next year, which I DEFINITELY want to be a part of!

I sang at the talent show as well, with an amazing guitarist called Naomi. She's only ever played in front of a few people at a time before, and was thrust in front of over a hundred on the girls field, but she played amazingly well, and you'd have never known. SO proud of her.

Just in case anyone from Inters 3 reads this, thanks for making that week one of the best of my life <3.

Got my nose pierced this summer too, at camp, in Barmouth, but me being stupid me, thought it was on the other side and scratched my nose, completely ragging it out, right before Inters 3, and spent the most part of the week with the most ugly little lump underneath the stud, that as much as I cleaned it, refused to go down. So, in a real cycle, starting and ending in camp, my roomies Suzy and Kate made me pop the bump, and it was goodbye Mr Stud. At least my nose looks normal again now. I quite like my nose.

Dear Chicago got the chance to perform at The Breakout Festival in The Cavern, which was last Friday. We didn't really have the chance to practice much due to holidays and stuff, and Sean's guitar basically died on stage, so we didn't get through, but apart from that it went well! And I went out with Andri and her friend Jenny afterwards (which was better than the last night out with those two, as nobody ended up in Casualty, with me and Jenny playing nurses) but we did manage to find Popworld's dodgiest DJ! Ah well.

So, back to Uni time is almost here, so no doubt lots of procrastination blog entries, but hopefully not, given it's final year and I kind of need it!

Ciao! xxxxxx