Thursday, 17 November 2011


Alright world of blog!

Seven months since I wrote last, wow. And it wasn't the best expert to go out on really, was it? I'm still here, and I'm good, don't all eight of you worry about little old me.

To be honest, this kinda fell by the wayside, to what, I'm not too sure. But I've finished uni now, and well, that's pretty much it. I'm not a teacher (yet), and everytime someone asks 'So what are you up to now?' I squirm. I'm a till girl, same as usual, hopefully not forever though! I've decided however, to start blogging again, as part of my 'sort my life out week.' Firstly, last week, I was reminded of this, and decided to have a quick 'Oh dear what on earth had I written' nose, (still haven't got the courage to, apart from the last entry, which was pretty depressive) and then on Monday, I met up with my friend Hayley from uni, who made me decide to get writing at least something again, so my nine or whatever grand I spent there doesn't go completely to waste.

And so, my idea has been born. Given that I have a grand total of eight followers who, apart a couple probably don't even know this still exists, so I assume this is pretty private and given that I'm right now putting off writing new lyrics for My Awakening, AND given that I've just had a Taylor Swiftathon and analysed the whole of her Speak Now album, I've decided I'm gonna publish the lyrics we use in our songs, and put down a bit of background for each of them. I'm doing it here because I can't really be doing with hand writing them at 1:45am, and because you don't get a pretty little background on Word. And because nobody reads this anyway, or even knows I'm writing again. Muahahahaha. Of course, if people (strangers) come to our gigs and ask what they're about, I can direct them here, because, they won't know any of the people in question.

I am a genius mastermind. Ohhhyeah.