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Heather's Annual Round Up

Soo, I pretty much let my blog die this year haha.
Maybe I should make blogging a new years resolution for 2013...

Anyway, Annual New Year post is here!


Song Of The Year:  Fun.:  We Are Young

I've stopped making as many car cd's this year, as I got a wire for my Ipod (which then broke, typical), but this featured on a couple before I stopped.  My friend Hope has a talent for singing this really horribly and loudly in the car, so I don't play it so much when she's there, especially cos she makes up her own words, but this song definitely reminds me of my friends, and a lot of the tinmes we spent together this year, such as going to Formby beach with a couple of my girls with, buying loads of strawberry beers, but no bottle opener, and going glamping.  I LOVE this song.

Donna and Danielle on Formby Beach:

Me on the beach with the dragonfly friend who wouldn't leave us alone:

Donna, Heather, Hope and Danielle <3 :=":" p="p">

Did you fall in love? I was already in love, but I definitely fell more and more in love this year.  I think this year has solidified my relationship a lot.  The year's not been the best, and there have been a lot of down moments for me, and he's been behind me every step of the way.  I know he's had a much worse year than I have, and I hope he knows how much he means to me, and that I'm with him through everything life throws at him.

Did you become an aunt or an uncle? No, but I did realised (belatedly) that I'll never be a blood auntie being an only child and all, and that when my friends have babies I'm never gonna leave them alone!

Did you have a baby? No

Did you get engaged? No

Did you get married? No

Did someone close to you die? not too close to me, but it's been a big feature of the year.  As much as I doubt many people will read this, I'm not going to talk about it because it's not really my place.

How many funerals did you go to?  One.

How many weddings? None, but my cousin's getting married on January the Twelfth and I can't wait!

Did you turn 21? No, I turned 22, but a few of my friends did.  I loved dancing to Paloma Faith in Vicki's garden with her Mum and Pat from down the road, and seeing all the 'little kids' who we used to look after playing out when we were younger all grown up!  And Caroline turned 21 in style throwing up in Igloo at 12:05 to the DJ announcing her Birthday.

Me and Vicki on her 21st.

Carver, Jess and Me 'downing' cocktails in Revolution.

Jess and me pulling our pulling faces.

Rach, Me, Caroline, Kyra and Derry in Woody's on Caroline's 21st.

Did you turn 30? Nope, only 22!

Did you have a car accident? No, nothing major, nothing minor!

Taylor Swift released another album this year called 'Red' and I reckon out of all of them, it's only my 3rd favourite, but I really, really loved Fearless and Speak Now, so that's not necessarily a bad thing.  This song though, is off her newest album, and I love it.  I reckon I'd put it on a list of my all time favourite songs.  I love it so much, that when I first got the album, I didn't listen to half of it for a week because I just kept repeating this song over and over.  It plays like a movie in my head, and I've took some inspiration from it for a book I'm writing (procrastinating) at the minute.

How many jobs did you have throughout the year? Just spent Christmas number six in the shop, but I have an interview (yay!)  for a PGCE this year, so fingers are crossed and prayers are being said!

Did you get a new pet? Yeah.  Sadly this year my brother for another mother Ozzy died, and I was devastated.  Still am really.  He was so ill, and we had to have him put to sleep just before I went away in July.  We got another little border in October called Connie, who's a nice little dog, if not a bit fiesty, but hopefully she'll settle soon.  I still miss Ozzy.

Ozzy trying to drive my car.


Did you get cheated on? No

Did you cheat on someone? No

Did you start at a new school? No

Did you make any new friends? Yeah :)

Did you get a new car? No, still got trusty Tracey!

I love this song, and not only do I love attempting to sing it at the top of my lungs in the car when I'm alone, it also reminds me of going out and having loads of fun.  It reminds me of the time me and Jess were stood by the bar in Heebie Jeebies singing it and dancing each other.  I LOVE this song.

Did you drastically change your hairstyle? No, still exactly the same as last year.

Did you go out of the country?  Yeah, this year, I went to Kalamaki in Zante with Andy and some of his family.  I'd never met half of them before we went and was a bit nervous, especially when I nearly had to sit away from Andy on the plane (Not the best flyer), but I had such a ball.  It was so different from my 2011 holiday with the girls but I loved it so much.  The resort was so relaxing, and I could have stayed there forever.  We went for two weeks, and I haven't been away for that long in about 12 years, but it still didn't feel like long enough.  The highlight was me and Andy spending our 1 year anniversary there, and having a go of a horse drawn carraige, and the low point was being sick over the side of a boat with Spanish tourists trying to shove me out of the way so they could take a photo of a shipwreck.  That boat trip seemed to last forever, and everything made me feel sick, so I ended up plonking myself in between the engine and the boat wall and going asleep.  Andy told me I looked like a corpse.
Another low point was when Andy threw me off my lilo and my bikini bottoms descended to the bottom of the pool, but that was hillarious, and at least it wasn't in the sea.  There were so many moments of that holiday that made me laugh, but I can't write an essay about them all, but hopefully me and Andy are going back in the Summer.

Us before the 'Fly Fishing' looking entusiastic.

Us actually 'Fly Fishing.'  Second worst ten minutes of my life, after the boat.  Thought I was going to die.

The view from our room as soon as we got there.

Everyone in the bar.

That boat.

Me and Andy before I vommed.

Everyone messing round with all the lilos.  I was too sunburnt to play :(

My new hat.

Andy and me on our 1 year anniversary.

This song, is by a Greek woman called Nikki Ponte, and was playing every night in our hotel, and I got Andy to write down 'Something About Your Love' because the words kept repeating in the song, and I could use them to download it when we got home. I couldn't find the song anywhere.  I finally found it, called 'Hey You', which it says once in the song.  Seriously, listen to it and tell me it shouldn't be called 'Something About Your Love.'

Another song that reminds me of Greece, is 'More Than Words' by Extreme, as I think it played in the bar every night.  I love this song anyway, but now every time I hear it I'm right back there.

A few of us also went glamping in the Lake District, which was fab.  The Bell Tents were brilliant to stay in, but all of the families around us were walking families who went to bed at about seven and got up at five and they kept complaining about our noise levels, and we nearly got kicked off the site.  We weren't even that loud, but there were eight of us. 
We also learned that boys cannot shop, or do dishes.

In the tent on the first night, playing a game called 'Body Parts.'  Make of that what you will...

Me and Hope going for a walk in the lake.

Hope after getting stuck in the lake.

Me and Donna after walking to get coal and wood, and starting the barbeque.

Andy rescuing the barbeque three hours later.
Hope feeding a duck.

Around the campfire.

Donna and Hannah in Lake Windemere.

Donna and me drinking wine waiting for the boys to come back from the showers.  Not the best idea before a trip out.  I was druuuuuunk!

Hope found a frog.

Donna and me with our 'Camping Bracelets.'  I haven't seen mine since that day.

Did you keep your last New Year's resolution? I did!

What was the best movie you saw in theaters?  The Hunger Games.  Went to the pictures a lot this year.

What was the best book you read? ILOVED The Hunger Games series.  I bought all three Fifty Shades of Grey books, but haven't even finished the first, months later.

What was your greatest accomplishment?  Erm...getting an interview for my PGCE.

I know I already have a Taylor Swift song up here, but as you might have guessed, I love The Hunger Games, and this song was perfect for the soundtrack along with Eyes Open.  I wish I'd written it.

What was the best cd released this year? One of my New Years Resolutions this year was to read/watch/listen to something new every week, and I've done pretty well.  I've taken to buying physical cd's this year, and I got some for Christmas. The ones I can remember off the top of my head are:

Emeli Sande:  Our Version Of Events
David Garrett:  Encore
Jason Mraz:  We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things
The Killers:  Battle Born
Taylor Swift:  Red
P!nk: The Truth About Love
Fun.:  Some Nights
Mcfly:  Memory Lane
The Lumineers: The Lumineers
Of Monsters And Men:  My Head Is An Animal
Oasis:  Live Forever

Out of these, the one I've listened to most is P!nk's 'The Truth About Love', so I'd say that was my favourite album of the year.

Did you get a new tattoo? No

A new piercing? Not as such, but on holiday Andy's auntie's sister Mel managed to reopen my ear piercings, so I've been rocking danglies ever since.

Are you still dating the same person you dated at the start of the year? I am indeed :)

The Lasts of the Past

How old were you on your last birthday? I was 22.

Who was your last kiss? Andy. 

Who was the last person to tell you "I love you"? Andy.

Who was the last person you spoke to in person? My Mum.

Who was your last missed call? My Dad!

Who was your last phone call to? Andy.

What was the last movie you watched? Shrek on Christmas Eve.

The last song you heard? Transylvania by Mcfly.

The last book you read?  I'm currently reading both 'The Hobbit' and 'Cheryl Cole, My Story.'

The last place you went? Big Bowl, same as last year, ha.

The last time you cut your hair? A couple of months back, it needs doing badly.

The color of the last shirt your wore? I have a leopard print onesie on at the mo.

The last person you hugged? Andy.

The last thing you bought?  A Five Year Diary

The last time you went to the doctor? A few months ago.

The last time you went swimming? When I was in Greece.

The last game you played? Ring Of Fire, probably.

The last person's house you went to? Andy's.

The last un-related guy you hung out with? Andy.

The last un-related girl you hung out with? Hope, Jess and Donna yesterday.

The last family member you hung out with? My Mum and my Dad.

The last movie you saw in theaters? Ted, I think.

The last time you went to Walmart? Never, but I go to Asda all the time!

The last time you went to Burger King? I don't think I've been all year!

The last time you went on vacation? Zante, in July/August, spent the night in The Hard Days Night Hotel this month though if that counts.

The last restaurant you went to? Big Bowl!

The last thing you ate? A chippy.  I haven't had normal food in about a week.

The last thing you drank? Coke.

I'll round this up with my favourite song of the Christmas period, or the two of them.  One of them is Labrinth and Emeli Sande:  'Beneath Your Beautiful' and is one of the only songs me and Andri agree is brilliant.  I love it.

The second, is my all time favourite Christmas song, The Pogues and Kirsty McColl 'Fairytale of New York'.  Everyone went out on the 20th for Christmas, and this played so many times and never got old.  It never will.  It even played in the cab on the way home.

Actually, while I'm on that note, I'm going to include another.  The Christmas number one this year, is a charity single with proceeds going towards the Hillsborough Disaster court case.  As my Dad was there that day, and got out, thank God, I'm made up that the country's gotten behind this, and that finally, the real version of events has been accepted.  And I hope justice is served.  This song was played at the the end of our Christmas night out, and it really warmed my heart to see everybody in the club taking notice and singing along, as cheesey as that sounds.

Once again, I'm gonna fill this in, if I can, after New Year, because it's not quite time yet, so ALL of these answers are last years for now.

The Firsts of the New Year...Fresh in my mind because this year, I'm doing this the DAY AFTER new years eve. Otherwise known as New Year's Day. Happy 2012!
Who was the first person you kissed? As in Happy New Year kisses? Andy
Who was the first person you told "I love you" to? Andy, I think.
Who was the first person you spoke to? Again, Andy haha.
Who was your first phone call to/from? My mother!
Where was the first place you went? Home!
What was the first thing you bought? A McDonalds.
Who was the first person to wish you "Happy New Year!"? Errrm, Andy.
What was the first thing you ate? Chicken Nugget
The first thing you drank? Archers and Coke
What color was the first shirt you wore? A dress, I brought a different one to sleep in because I'm a diva like that.
What were the first shoes you wore? Black heels.
What was the first electronic Car radio?
What was the first movie you watched? None, as of yet.
What was the first song you heard? I honestly have no idea. (Snap!)
Who was the first girl you hung out with? Whoever was at the party
Who was the first guy? Whoever was at the party
The first relative? My Mum
What was the first thing you did when it became the new year? Said 'Happy New Year'
What the Future Year Has In Store
What are you most looking forward to in the New Year? I'm not too sure but have high hopes!
Are you getting married this year? No
Are you expecting a child? No
Will you be getting a new job? Hopefully
Will you be starting a new school? Hopefully
Will you be moving to a new place? Doubt it
Will you get your driver's license this year? Nope
Will you turn 18? Nope
Will you turn 21? No
Will you turn 25? No
Will you turn 30? No
Will you turn 40? No
Are you going on a vacation this year? I hope I go at least somewhere.
What movie are you most looking forward to coming out this year? Errrm, I dunno!
What book? Er, dunno
What music albumn? No idea.
Do you expect to find love this year? I don't expect to, no. It'd be nice though. (Sorry, but :D)...this year, no haha.
Did you make a New Year's resolution? Lose a bit more weight, get somewhere career wise, and become more organised.
Have you kept it so far? No!
Will you be going to a wedding this year? Yeah!
Will you get a new car? No
Will you buy a house this year? No
Do you expect to be with the same person at the end of the year? Yes.
Are you starting the year off single? No
What do you most want to happen this year? Have loads of good times
What are you most excited about this year? Erm, Summer!

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