Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Love, Love, Love

Hello Eight! 

As we all (probably) know, it's Valentine's Day tomorrow.  I'll throw it out there, I'm not a fan.  It's weird, because I'm SUCH a romantic, and a bit of a cheeseball, I love happy endings, and I cry at most films/soaps/montages/adverts (and what?).  I've seen the episode of Friends a million times where Chandler proposes to Monica, and I still tear up.  I love engagements, and I love Weddings.  I already know pretty much how I want mine one day to be, I know what I want for my first dance and I occasionally worry that I'm gonna have too many bridesmaids even though I'm not engaged, nor am I expecting to be any time soon, and I did this before I was even in a relationship. 

Anyway, put simply, I'm a sap.  I don't know who to blame, because none of my friends are like this, nor is my Mum.  And it's definitely NOT from my Dad.  Maybe Disney?  But, I am a sap who doesn't like Valentines day much.  And I'm not just saying that, I don't like it.  When I was younger, and single, it was fun, the anticipation of getting a card, or the should I/shouldn't I of sending one yourself, and one year, the mission impossible of helping my friend send one to a boy in my form without him knowing.  Then, as I got a bit older, it just didn't really affect me, I was usually working, or my friends' boyfriends would be away, so it didn't matter.  The only time I remember wishing I was part of a couple, was in work when one of the girls' boyfriends sent some flowers to the shop, and even then it was just 'Aww, that's nice, hopefully that'll happen to me one day', rather than 'I'm so LONELY!'

Although it never affected me so much, Valentine's day seems to suggest that everyone is supposed to be in love, and if you're not, then you don't get to celebrate, and I think that's wrong.  The best Valentines I've ever had was when I was seventeen and went for a meal with three of my girlfriends', then went to some clubs afterwards, the first time my baby face had ever managed to get in anywhere.  Around this time, clubs tend to put on Valentines' parties, or traffic lights parties, were everyone is encouraged to pull.  Just a bit of fun, but also potential for a LOT of regrets the next morning, when you remember necking that sweaty, sleazy drunk on the dancefloor.

Valentines Day is JUST A DAY.  The 14th February literally means nothing.  I don't want to spend my (little) hard earned cash on cheap tat that doesn't mean anything, and I'd love to get flowers from my boyfriend, but I'd love to get flowers on the other 364 days of the year too.  I'm in a couple, but I'm not going all out to get dolled up and have a meal at some resturaunt that's gonna be mad busy and full of PDA's.  I am, spending tomorrow night with my boyfriend, but it'll be in my PJ's with a pizza and some chicken wings, in front of BBC3. 

I'm a sap.  But I like being sappy off my own back.  I don't even mind cheap tat, but I like giving cheesy gifts when I feel like, rather than because that's when we're supposed to. 

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